Fellow ODE Grinder Review: Is it Worth the Price? Quality of Grind, Etc

This is our detailed review of the Fellow ODE Grinder and its alternate options.

Fellow ode grinder in white

I’m an ex-barista and have enjoyed a life-long love affair with all things coffee. Really, don’t even get me started!  Hot coffees, french pressed coffees, espressos, cold brews, iced coffees, lattes, frappes, even coffee ice cream – I love them all! So when my last grinder finally gave out on me, I jumped at the chance to get the ODE coffee Grinder. 

I had been eyeballing the Fellow grinder for a few months, as I suspected I would be in the market for a new grinder soon. Since my purchase, I’ve spent the past few weeks performing in-depth, hands-on research on the Fellow ODE Brew Grinder. I hope my experience can help you decide if it’s the right coffee grinder for you.

I found the Fellow ODE Grinder to be an impressively versatile coffee grinder with surprisingly useful features and its. a precise home coffee grinder. I particularly love that it’s quiet, compact, easy to clean, and has 31 reliable settings. As a bonus, its modern, minimalist design blends beautifully with my kitchen.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll discuss the Fellow grinder in detail. Then, I’ll talk about what it does best, its quality, the features I most appreciate, and any shortcomings I’ve found. If you are someone who love to have an enjoyable coffee making experience then this coffee grinder review will be of interest to you.

Next, I’ll compare it to the top three alternative coffee grinders I considered purchasing. I’ll explain what I liked about each, along with why I chose the Fellow grinder in the end. I’ll also point out features that may have dissuaded me, but you might prefer. 

Read on to learn more about the Fellow ODE Brew Coffee Grinder and what sets it apart from the competition.

Fellow ODE Grinder

Fellow Ode Gridner Review
Fellow Ode Grinder In Black

The Ode Brew Grinder is a powerful coffee grinder that is surprisingly versatile. The power comes from the 64 mm professional-grade, stainless steel, flat burrs.

With 31 grind settings, it’s capable of grinding a range of coffee beans for use in many different types of coffee, including:

  • brewed coffee
  • cold brew
  • electric coffee makers
  • AeroPress®
  • French press

It’s taken me a while to work through the entire range of settings, but I’ve enjoyed the journey!

The Fellow Grinder is a very good coffee grinder. 

I had high expectations when purchasing this machine, and I have to say that overall, I’m left pleasantly surprised. My favorite features are its:

  1. high power vs. low noise
  2. accurate settings with a wide range of grinds
  3. aesthetically pleasing features

My only wish is that I bought the Prismo AeroPress attachment at the same time as the ODE Coffee Grinder! I didn’t realize it was a separate product – my fault, I admit it. As soon as I realized my error, I ordered the espresso attachment and am now enjoying espresso as well as my other favorite coffee blends. 

Noise Levels of the ODE Fellow Grinder

When I wake up, I’m not 100% before my morning coffee. In the past, I have loathed the loud, violent rumblings of coffee grinders. They’re far too disturbing before I’m fully awake!

The Fellow Grinder is much quieter than any coffee grinder I’ve owned in the past. It’s more of the gentle but powerful purr of a very large cat. Impressive, especially considering the power behind this compact little beauty. However, I’ll admit that it could be a bit quieter, but it’s certainly not jolting. 

If it were a question of trading power for quiet, I probably wouldn’t make that trade-off (I’d grind in the garage). But it’s definitely quiet enough to not wake my husband or baby up in the early morning, which is all I really needed. 

Versatility and Consistency of the Fellow Grinder’s 31 Grind Settings

I really like how accurate the Fellow ODE Brew Grinder settings especially for my french press. Not only are they accurate, but I’ve also found them to be very consistent! I find that I use the first five settings the most – especially after receiving my Fellow Prismo attachment!

One of the reasons the grinder is so powerful comes down to its 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs and its smart speed PID motor with easy grind adjustment.

The burr grinder is made of stainless steel and is incredibly sturdy. The motor is PID-feedback controlled and guarantees grind particle consistency. It manages this by ensuring that each coffee bean has been exposed to the same force and speed, thus producing a uniform, quality grind. The burr grinder always provide consistent grind quality.

  • Setting 1-2: Fellow Prismo attachment for espresso
  • Setting 2-3: Cupping
  • Setting 2-5: Pour-over
  • Setting 4-6: Electric coffee makers
  • Setting 6-10: French press
  • Setting 9-11: Cold brew

Now, you may be thinking – that’s only 11 settings, not 31! However, each number has two unlabeled “dash” settings in between it and the next number. So, imagine it reading “1 | | 2 | | 3” and so on. It really does allow for fine-tuning your grinds to your exact preference and specifications. Its increasing grind particle consistency is best in its class ever seen.

Even though I don’t use the higher settings as often, I do love how the ODE coffee Grinder can go extra course at the flip of the dial when I’m in the mood for cold brew or French press.

Overall, I’d give the settings five stars, especially now that I can enjoy my espresso with the Prismo attachment.

Aesthetic and Clean-up Features of the Fellow ODE Brew Grinder

The next aspect of the Fellow Grinder I would like to point out is its overall aesthetic features and easy clean-up.

I’m selective regarding the few appliances displayed in my kitchen. The sleek, compact look of the Fellow ODE Grinder really blends with my minimalist style. 

I chose the matte black color for two reasons:

  1. It better matches the general look of my kitchen
  2. It’s harder to see any stray coffee grinds that I may miss during clean-up

Know thyself. 

I like an immaculate kitchen, which is both a blessing and a curse. I can get a little crazy about things like errant coffee grinds. This “personality trait” is one reason I chose the ODE brew Grinder.  

I like the grinds knocker feature more than I expected! When you push it, it delivers a surprisingly forceful knock to the machine to dislodge any stray grinds right into the cup to make clean-up easier. I find a microfiber cloth works very well on its surface. Still, I do see a few occasional grinds on the Fellow ODE Grinder’s body after clean-up, but the matte black color generally helps me keep my sanity!

Now, I will say that the static build-up can get pretty annoying – just like with any other grinder I’ve ever used. However, I recently discovered Fellow’s recommended Ross Droplet Technique, and – wow! It works like a charm, people! It’s quick, easy, and borderline magical! 

The last aesthetic feature I need to mention is the magnetic cup. I said earlier that I’m not all there before my first morning cup. Well, I have been known to start a grinder with the cup slightly askew in the past. This, of course, results in a total mess! So, I love love LOVE the magnetic cup holder. I can feel it click into place – so, no more anxiety about grinding the beans all over my kitchen counter and floor – where the pup can get them!

Alternative Coffee Grinders

Before settling on the ODE brew Grinder, I carefully considered alternative coffee grinders. The following three grinders appear to be excellent products, with strong reviews on Amazon. However, for me, the Fellow Grinder was the clear winner. The top three contenders were: 

Baratza Forte BG Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Forte BG made my top contender list mainly due to its reputation for being so quiet! It’s a commercial coffee grinder that can handle grinding up to 5 lbs per day – which is nice, but we don’t drink nearly that amount! It’s also compact, which I liked. The built-in electronic scales were a nice feature but not a sticking point. I did like that it claimed to grind from espresso to French press. However, it’s the most expensive grinder I considered. In the end, I chose the Fellow ODE Grinder for five reasons:

  1. Price: the Baratza Forte BG was about $600 more expensive without offering an extra $600 of value 
  2. Noise: the noise difference between the Baratza and the Fellow didn’t offset $600 – the Fellow ODE Grinder is pretty quiet!
  3. Espresso: Fellow offers an espresso attachment (Prismo AereoPress® Attachment) for a low price
  4. Size: At over 14” tall, it’s not ideal for where I wanted to place it, although that’s not unexpected from a commercial-grade grinder
  5. Aesthetics: “meh” – I wasn’t crazy about its aesthetic design – but I was prepared to compromise on this point

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Bean Grinder

The KitchenAid Burr Coffee Bean Grinder made my list because I generally like KitchenAid, it had a competitive price for its features, and it’s self-contained! *gasp* Which means no more stray coffee grinds on my counter – I nearly swooned! I opted for the Fellow ODE Grinder for the following reasons:

  1. Noise: this one is LOUD – I joked about grinding in the garage earlier, but that would be my morning routine if I had bought this one!
  2. Grinder Settings: it only offered 15 grind settings, which is probably enough for most people, but I wasn’t impressed
  3. Aesthetics: I found its retro look quite cute, but not for my kitchen – although that might be a sell-point for others

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Digital Timer Display

The Baratza Virtuoso+ came in as a top contender because it’s reputedly quieter than a few other grinders. It also has an impressive 40 grind settings! I was drawn to its 40-second digital timer, which is adjustable to a tenth of a second. I chose the Fellow ODE Brew Grinder because:

  1. Noise: the Virtuoso+ is quieter than the KitchenAid but still probably loud enough to wake the baby
  2. Aesthetics: They really could have tried harder – I hate to sound mean, but I think this one is downright unattractive
  3. Size: It’s not exactly un-compact, but its height of 12.6” makes it a bit awkward for my preferred location, although, with its aesthetics, it may have lived in my cupboard when not in use

Final Thoughts on the Fellow ODE Brew Grinder

Overall, the Fellow Grinder was a clear choice for me. It offered me all of the features that really mattered, including:

  1. Versatility: 31 grind settings
  2. Consistency: its grind settings are very reliable
  3. Power: 140 W with professional-grade 64 mm stainless steel burrs
  4. Quiet: it doesn’t wake my baby in the next room or violently jar me awake upon use
  5. Cleanliness: the magnetic cup and grinds knocker features are great for clean-freaks
  6. Espresso: the Prismo AeroPress®  Attachment solved that issue
  7. Compact Size: 9.4” x 4.2 ”x 9.5” that fits anywhere
  8. Aesthetics: I adore the modern, minimalist design
  9. Value: I felt the price was a great deal for all the custom features I received in this grinder 

I’ve recommended the Fellow ODE Grinder to my personal friends and family, who share my appreciation of all things coffee. My brother-in-law recently purchased the Fellow Grinder in white, and he’s had nothing but good things to say about it. It’s great for your daily brewed coffee.

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, you can either purchase directly from Fellow or online at Amazon.com.